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tested by pro athletes

 I really need to trust my gear and feel confident with everything to push myself. The One Shell jacket is almost like an extra skin on top of the wetsuit. It’s not too warm, it’s not too cold. You know its strong. It’s not heavy. You almost don't feel it.

Pro kiter, Lasse Walker, Gold Red Bull Mega Loop 2015

The gear means a lot to a triathlete. I would describe the jacket as very comfortable and very light. If you wear the One Shell and you go running you won’t sweat. It's the best performance jacket for outdoor sports.

Pro iron man, Marc Duelsen, Gold Iron Man Wales 2016

So the gear means a lot considering what we do in the mountains. I would describe this jacket as really light. A good choice to always bring with.

Pro mountaineer, Anton Thorin, 10 first ascends Kyrgyzstan

What I really like about the One Shell jacket is that I can move in anyway I want. You can wear it any weather condition. You can use it in any circumstances. It's the only jacket I need.

Pro rower, Kaj Hendriks, Bronze Olympics Rio De Janeiro 2016

It feels like you’re running naked man. It feels like you’re not wearing anything. The rain was just literally splashing off the jacket which is what we want.

Pro sprinter, Seye Ogunlewe, 100m Sprint Olympics Rio De Janeiro 2016

I have done a lot of snowboarding with jackets that weren’t really waterproof. This jacket is just such a difference, the experience is much nicer, because you just don't have to worry about your gear.

Pro snowboarder, Tobias Aalderink, European Champion Halfpipe